Collections Management

The Summer, 2011 issue of WIN announced the formation of a collection management service in which WICA members and their families, which require assistance in organizing their collections, could get help from other WICA member volunteers. The committee members include John Yunginger (Chair), Jane Diemer, Bob Hohl, Jill O’Hara, Barbara Tegtmeyer, and Don Wagner.

This page will provide information and guidance on many topics which include, Identification, Inventory, Insurance, Estate Planning, and disbursement.

The first step in managing an Ironstone collection is the identification process. You must know what the collection consists of before you can make decisions on what actions need to  be taken. This step can range from nothing more than a legal pad with notes scribbled on it, to a detailed inventory on a computer data base with descriptions, pictures and values.

After you have identified the pieces in the collection, decisions about insurance can be made. If you opt to insure the collection, several companies specialize in "collectables" coverage or you can add a rider to your homeowners policy.

Help with Estate planning includes: distribution (between family, friends and organizations) or  disbursement (piece by piece or as a collection).  Although no WICA member or family  has yet asked for such assistance, we have so far recruited four WICA members who have volunteered to provide assistance (Jill O’Hara, Dennis Contri, Rick Nielsen, and John Yunginger). Each of the four has completed a volunteer form indicating their experience and areas in which assistance can be provided.  Copies of these volunteer forms are available on request from John Yunginger (; TEL 507-254-6537). 

Finally, the Collection Management Committee has compiled two listings, one of persons who are certified appraisers of white ironstone, and one of auctioneers or auction houses who have experience selling white ironstone.  These listings were compiled with input from several WICA members and may be accessed by clicking on the links below.  However, the listing of persons or companies does not imply an endorsement or guarantee by WICA.  

Click here to access a list of Ironstone Appraisers

Click here to access a list of  Ironstone Auctioneers