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The First "Presidents Letter"    by Tom Moreland  - Summer 1994

A number of us from New York and New England have formed this organization after enjoying each other's white ironstone for many years. Our fundamental purpose is to propagate the faith, to collectors and dealers alike, and find new and interesting ways in which to further our knowledge and enjoyment of white ironstone (that is, ironstone without blue stuff, copper luster stuff, or any other stuff on it.) Our steering committee of twelve has been guided and encouraged by Jean Wetherbee, whose three books on white ironstone introduced many of us to the subject and have educated all of us. We will think of some appropriate title for Jean: for now she is our eminence grise. Let me briefly introduce our officers and directors. My wife Olga, who serves as WICA's secretary and I are both attorneys in Manhattan and have been collecting ironstone since the Ford Administration. Vice president Jim Kerr is a full-time dealer located in Howes Cave, New York. Our treasurer is Jack Allers, from Rhinebeck, New York, a CPA and, of equal importance, married to director Janet Allers, a long time ironstone dealer and collector Our other directors, in addition to the aforementioned, are all long time ironstone dealers (and collectors): Jack Anspaugh, from Sherman Connecticut: Ernie and Bev Dieringer, from West Redding Connecticut: Kathy and Tom Lautenschlager, from Woodbury, Connecticut: and Howard and Dorothy Noble from New Britain, Connecticut. I estimate that our 12 directors, in the aggregate, own in excess of 3,000 pieces of ironstone, and have sold many thousands of pieces beyond that. And yet,  almost every month somebody comes upon a piece that no one has seen before. That is part of the appeal of white ironstone: while it is a universe limited enough to get your arms around, there is always a potential new discovery just around the corner. And who the heck was J. F. anyway!

We look forward to involving you in WICA, and to sharing with you our enthusiasm for these most basic and yet elegant objects of our affection.